General Maintenance

We provide regular checks and carry out various maintenance services to ensure your vehicle remains in optimum condition. From checking fluids to filter replacements, we cover everything that is important.

Tires & Wheels

We offer a wide range of tyres for purchase and provide comprehensive services such as fitting, balancing and alignment. Our experts will help you choose the right tyres and ensure that they are properly fitted and aligned to improve the safety and handling of your vehicle.

Body Service

Our experienced technicians specialise in restoring vehicle bodywork. Whether you need a dent repair, scratch removal or a new paint job, we’ll get your vehicle back in shape.

Exhaust System

When your vehicle’s exhaust system needs repair or replacement, our technicians are here for you. We’ll make sure your exhaust system is working properly, reducing emissions and ensuring optimum performance.


Break Repair & services

Our experienced team will perform thorough inspections, replace necessary parts and make repairs to ensure your brakes are reliable when you need them most.

Engine Services

Our engine services include comprehensive inspections, tune-ups and repairs to keep your engine running smoothly. From diagnosing problems to replacing components, we’ll help you optimise your engine’s performance and extend its life.


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